Welcome in the laws applied in Security consulting & Safety domain!

   For an easy integration in the dynamic field of European legislation dealing with OSH , KARUNA EXPERT SRL aid comes through its specialists . If the company ensures the safe working , you 'll be able to think more time about your success . KARUNA EXPERT helps you to identify the areas of your business that are related to occupational safety & occupational safety.

We offer at reasonable prices :

1.Security & Safety consultancy which includes training and testing of all the company's employees and its record in occupational safety data sheet ( according to Law 319/2006 and HG 1425/2006 ), developing its own work safety instructions & safety at work ( in accordance with the law 319/2006 - Law of health and safety at work ) risk assessment process will work in the company and plans, prevention and protection, trades licensing high-risk of injury ( electrician , fireman, fork-lift operator, etc., according to the OSH legislation) assistance in implementing the measures of occupational safety & protection work arranged during checks by the Labor Inspectorate (ITM ) or Labour Inspection.

2.We'll draw up a list of insurance information and training materials appropriate for your employees. After assessing the risks present in your company, we'll provide you work protective equipment (overalls, coveralls, helmets, belts, gloves, safety shoes, filters, etc.)we'll ensure you prints, posters, brochures needed in the process of training in occupational safety field.


Package value average between 70-130 EUR / month , depending on number of employees , specificity and complexity of your activity.

The package price depends on the main activity , the number of workstations, as well as of the preparing employees level.


  • 80-260 euros depending on the complexity of the activity .
  • Discount 15 % for the companies that pay the full amount on spot at the time of signing the contract .


  • 3 business days for the execution of general introductory briefing ;
  • 7 business days for filing the initial documentation .




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